About the Author

J.W. Mikula

J.W. Mikula is an author, inventor, entrepreneur, and amateur musician, who, from an early age, loved reading and writing stories of all kinds. He's authored numerous books and hundreds of articles in the nonfiction world.

But after the birth of his son, Benjamin (one of the main adventurers in The Holiday Balloon), he was inspired to pen his first children's book, Nate the Gnat.

Following the success of Nate the Gnat, Baby Benjamin decided to start his own rock band. And as any responsible father would do, J.W. wrote about Benjamin's adventures in the self-titled tell-all book, Rockin-by-Babies.

In between touring with Benjamin and hanging out with Nate in the Blue Ridge Mountains, J.W. decided to tell fathers everywhere why, in fact, they needed babies. He explains everything in his third children's book, Why Daddy's Need Babies.

Meanwhile, over the holidays, he and Benjamin started playing with balloons and a large laundry basket. And as they played, J.W. marveled at his son's imagination. What came next was the adventure behind The Holiday Balloon.